Zak Pelaccio

A few words from Chef Pelaccio:

The playlist I put together for Snacky Tunes is a collection of songs that is the backbone of the theme music for my life. My life ever since I really started listening to music, that is. It was hell to edit as I am almost always listening to music and making playlists for my restaurants starting back in 2002-2003 at Chickenbone Cafe. Of course, the original playlists were the mixes I'd make on my Onkyo dual cassette player when I was a teenager, followed by my college radio show, Lost on the Highway. 

As you can tell, most of the tunes date from the 70s. I was born in '73 and started listening to records at a young age. Cat Stevens and the Beatles were the early, easy records, giving way to bluesier and more guitar driven song-writing. The Allmans and Neil Young were introduced to me by my parents and, when I took off to college, I took there record collection with me, with their blessing. I still have the first pressings of the Allman Brothers at the Fillmore East, After The Goldrush and Tonight'sthe Night...along with many others. 

Whatever I'm listening to, be it rock, psychedelia, be-bop, progressive jazz or, as the great Gil Scott-Heron referred to his music, miscellaneous, It's all about the blues. I get goosebumps just thinking about how some of these songs and these artists make me feel....