Brandon Hoy

Brandon Hoy is co-founder of the Bushwick, Brooklyn, pioneering pizza shop and restaurant, Roberta’s, a.k.a., the studio home of the Heritage Radio Network and our show. We’ve spent countless hours at Roberta’s recording shows and stuffing ourselves, and one of the things we really love about the place--and Brandon too--is how much they really, really love music. When Brandon sent us his playlist he titled it, “Emotionally Bipolar,” and well, it’s an apt description. It’s a genre-defying collection of old school R&B, soul and funk with the likes of Ohio Players, combined with high-energy hip-hop from J Dilla, reggae from Eek-A-Mouse and Euro pop superstars, ABBA, even make an appearance.

Or in his own words: "This is a roller coaster of emotional confusion, dipping the toes into some of my favorite genres of music."

Greg Bresnitz