Ghetto Gastro

We’ve got lots of love for the Bronx-based culinary collective known as Ghetto Gastro. The crew effortlessly blend food, fashion, music and culture, and have cooked all over the world. They’re also just really good dudes. Here in their own words is what they’re all about, and how they compiled their playlist for us. Enjoy!

“Our mission of bringing The Bronx to the world and the world to The Bronx is the undercurrent of all the moves we make; whether we’re whipping work in a private kitchen for an event we’ve been brought into or we’re producing one of our own immersive experiences, the goal is always clear for us. We’re there to do the things that only we can do, and one of those things is bring together different elements other people wouldn’t even dare think could be flipped together. We’re alchemists like that.

“That said, hip-hop is the undercurrent of this playlist, but it isn’t the only ingredient in the mix. The Ghetto Gastro team is diverse in terms of training and backgrounds, the flavors we get excited about experimenting with, and in our musical tastes, too. We’ll throw tracks on in the kitchen to keep us motivated to put the right kind of energy and love into what we’re creating. If you were to record that as it was going on, the sound of us at work with the music going and the team talking shit, getting hype when something is tasting right, that soundtrack would be as eclectic as what we put on plates. That’s just how we get down.”

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Greg Bresnitz