Ali LaRaia

Chef Ali LaRaia grew up in restaurants, and learned traditional Italian cookery from her mother. She then continued her education directly at the source by traveling all over Italy exploring its many regions and deep, rich gastronomic history. The result of all this study is Nolita fast-casual darling, The Sosta, where Ali dishes up fresh pastas, sandwiches and pastas.

"This playlist has taken me through many subway rides, treadmill runs, long hours of pasta making and even a breakup,” explains Ali about her playlist which includes tracks from Kings of Leon, Khalid, WENS and the blockbuster musical, Rent. “My music often reflects how I feel, and shifts with my moods. I tend to play my music on shuffle to keep the mystery alive. It’s really important for me to have balance in my playlists, with lots of highs and lows, and a little in between. Almost all of my playlists have some nostalgia, some Broadway and a few good beats. Some of the songs on this list may seem odd or random, but they are only a reflection of me!"

Greg Bresnitz