Andy Ricker

Chef Andy Ricker’s made a sterling life and career being a student and champion of Thai cuisine. His beloved Pok Pok empire spans both coasts, and includes restaurants, bars, a line of drinking vinegars and even charcoal. Besides his flavor-packed and traditionally inspired dishes, one of things we’ve always admired about Andy is his passion for music. Having been a touring musician himself, he’s got a real good ear for great tunes. When it comes to his restaurants’ playlists, Andy opts for Thai pop songs. These selections are saccharine-sweet and loads of fun, but unfortunately they’re not readily available via Spotify, so, Andy devised a work-around of sorts.

“I’ll give you a list of semi-obscure, and not-so-obscure pop gems--in my opinion--that I have playing in my head always,” he said. “These are all the original studio versions, unless otherwise noted. There is cheese and sugar, and a dozen of these is almost too much.”

He then sent us a playlist that includes songs from The Beatles, Cheap Trick, Nick Drake and The Sundays.  
“I love these songs, always have,” Andy added. “I sing along with the Sundays like a little girl.”

Greg Bresnitz