Jamie Malone

Chef Jamie Malone has been wowing everyone with her French-inspired cooking at Minneapolis’ Grand Cafe. While her Paris-Brest is a can’t-miss-and-must-order dish, we think her music playlists rank right up there too. Jamie’s sampling of tunes for us are far-ranging, combining the likes of Allah-Las, Danzig, Built to Spill, Miles Davis, Fugazi and Wu-Tang Clan.

“This is a list of music that we play both during prep at the Grand and during service,” Jamie said. “Music during service is huge for me. It’s a big part of creating feeling and emotion for our diners. Most of the music we play during service is pretty dreamy and ethereal, with a kind of dirty, gritty 70s vibe. A lot of the Allah-Las. During prep, I like a lot of metal and 90s rock, like Built to Spill, so that’s on here too. I have to admit that we wind up listening to a lot of playlists with titles like, ‘Big Butt Jams,’ and shit like that. The lyrics make me blush. It’s not good music. I have not included that here. You're welcome.”

Greg Bresnitz