Chef Jaime Young cut his teeth for years in fine dining kitchens working for some of the best toques in the industry. (He counts Tony Maws, Daniel Humm and Matthew Lightner as mentors.) When it came time to finally open his own place he decided to eschew white tablecloths and degustation menus, opting instead to open the relaxed all-day eatery and market, Sunday in Brooklyn, with friends, Todd Enany and Adam Landsman.

Just like his restaurant, Jaime’s playlist for us offers listeners a little bit of everything, including songs from Radiohead, Gang Starr, Ariel Pink, Mars Volta and A Tribe Called Quest.

"The general vibe of this playlist varies from fast-paced music to more mellow, melodic songs,” Jaime told us. “I usually like to listen to faster, louder music before work to get my energy going. The more melodic music is for post-work relaxation. It helps me wind down, think about the day and come up with new ideas. Although, depending on the day ahead, I'll sometimes try to listen to calmer music like Radiohead and the Beach Fossils before work so that I'll be more focused.”

Greg Bresnitz