Yeastie Boys

We love bagels. LOVE them. When done right these round, doughy wonders are a perfect food, and an always reliable vessel for smoked fish, cream cheese, butter, cheese, bacon, eggs, jelly--you name it. When Darin and Khuong decamped from bagel haven New York City for the sunny climes of Los Angeles, they hit a bagel drought. Luckily, the Yeastie Boys food truck crashed in to save the day. For this edition of Chef Music Monday, we asked these bagel-hawking mensches to roll over a sampling of the tunes they play in their trucks. They happily obliged and sent us a mix of songs from the likes of Coubo, Donna Summer, Travis Scott, Gorillaz and even Sade.

“This list is more of a shuffle mode vibe and less of a playlist,” they told us. So, schmear and shuffle on, good buddies.

Greg Bresnitz