Chase Valencia

Chase Valencia and his brother Chef Chad Valencia are the forces behind the popular and widely acclaimed Filipino-inspired, California-influenced restaurant LASA. Since opening in Los Angeles’ Chinatown in 2017, the brothers Valencia have been wowing diners with their inventive cooking and warm, down-home service. It’s no surprise that the restaurant made Food & Wine’s “Best New Restaurants” list. We asked Chase to share some their favorite songs with us, and the list he sent us truly reflect LASA’s eclectic spirit. The picks include Melody Echo Chamber, Knxwledge, Buscabulla, Tokimonsta and Prefuse 73.

“We want this list to reflect the personality of our staff, our culture and the energy we create here at LASA,” Chase told us. “There are some songs we listen to in the kitchen while we're prepping or getting through service. Friends and artists are on this list that we admire and respect, and they inspire us to make both great food and experiences.”

Greg Bresnitz